Graeme McNee
GMP-009 Complete Prints 2013~2017

GMP-009 Complete Prints 2013~2017

70 GBP
This is a set of all 8 risograph prints contained in an A3 size envelope. There is a small sticker on the front listing the name and date of each print contained inside. Each set is signed and numbered.

It is a super limited edition of 5 copies. One of these copies is the artist's print, so technically only 4 sets are available. It is also the only place you can still purchase the now out-of-stock Shioya Night print. The slightly high price is due to the extra postage and packaging needed to prepare this large-size item.

This is a one-time edition and will never be remade. I recommend it only for hardcore fans of my work!

The set contains:
GMP-001 Mount Fuji, 2013
GMP-002 Shioya Day, 2013 
GMP-003 Shioya Night, 2013
GMP-004 Edinburgh 2014
GMP-005 Kobe Daimaru, 2015
GMP-006 Tapes, 2016
GMP-007 Umeyu Kyoto, 2016
GMP-008 Shioya Panorama, 2017

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